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Choosing Colors

Updated: Apr 15

Choosing the quilting colors is an art of itself. It can enhance or spoil the finished look of the quilt. For me it is always a challenge which color to choose. I see the way that it should look in my mind's eye and then I go to the box of threads that I have and see what is there.

This was my selection. As with my fabrics I have a large collection of threads but don't always have the specific color that I want. I only use what I have I won't buy new threads. That is the challenge, to use what I have and still achieve the final look that I want.

Spools of fabric threads on table, fuschia, orange, tan, gold threads

So I audition the colors against the patchwork piece and decide which one speaks to me the most.

spools of threads on patchwork art piece, orange, fuschia, tan gold colored threads

I love the fuschia but it is too dark and dominant. the dark orange is a cotton and broke when I pulled it, that is the way I test thread before sewing. It will break when I quilt. the gold and tan don't speak to me.

I chose the orange thread for the quilting

orange spool of thread on patchwork art piece

and I love how it turned out.

patchwokr art quilt piece, plum, red, orange art quilt piece, patchwork art

Wave landscape patchwork quilted art piece,plum red and orange fabric strip art piece, fabric strip art quilt

Wave Landscape Patchwork Techniques and Video Tutorials

The tutorials are available here on Etsy

and here on my site

and the videos classes can be viewed here on my site after purchase

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