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Colors and my comfort zone

A few days ago I created a new wave landscape patchwork piece. and went out of my color comfort zone and used lots of bright oranges. A color I don't normally use a lot of but I liked how it turned out.

Orange wave landscape patchwork

"Orange is a color that provokes an immediate reaction. What is it about the color orange that makes it so effective? In some cultures, it’s considered a sacred hue, while in others it’s a symbol of royalty. Bold and dynamic, orange is used to signal danger while at the same time create a sensation of excitement."


Yesterday I decided to continue working in oranges. This is a real challenge for me as it is not a color that I am drawn to. I prepared color piles of remnants and began creating. I had very small pieces in a number of different orange shades which made them appropriate for my mosaic patchwork technique.

I initially thought of making an orange only monochromatic piece, but I chickened out and added some purples and blue and pink remnants from some of Carol Kinney's https://www.facebook.com/HighHopesDyes tie dyed fabrics. Her fabrics lend themselves to fabric art pieces , they have a range of shades and depth to them that create visual interest in the art piece.

Orange and purple fabric scraps

I had thought of doing something quick with some of the larger scraps in the pile but when I started creating the tiny pieces called to me.

Tiny fabric pieces

And I ended up with this

Orange challenge

My next piece will be an all orange one.

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