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Crazy quilting

This is a crazy quilt I started 25 years ago and I am just getting around to finishing it off.

Crazy embroidered quilt
Crazy quilt

I never purchase fabric. Always upcycled or gifted from friends. Collected over the years.

The color family was planned as I saw how my collection grew. The year I was pregnant I carried a basket around with me with stitched squares that I embroidered. Then joined the squares into strips, embroidered more then sewed the quilt top. I had bound it and it hung on a wall for a number of years but there wasn't enough embroidery and I didn't like the binding so a few years ago I took it off the wall, removed the binding and now I am embroidering more and will back with a burgundy sheet and burgundy velvet binding. Not sure yet if its a throw for the sofa or art for the wall.

I had some extra squares left over which I further embellished with beads and buttons

Button and bead embellishments
Button and bead embellishments

For a fabric vest

Velvet embroidered vest
Velvet embroidered vest

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your work is amazing how you can create something so beautiful from scraps. Wish you were near enough for me to take classes.

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