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Creating Art with Remnants Part 4

Updated: Feb 16

This post is going to be about creating or rather recreating with very small pieces of fabric.

I use the smallest pieces to create fabric beads and slightly larger pieces are used in my art quilts.

Fabric beads

For the mosaic patchwork pieces I use small squares, triangles and all the odd shaped pieces that are left in my scrap bag.

This technique can also be used to create a background for a theme quilt. A mountain, a skyline or an ocean.

It can also be used in fashion as fabric for a coat, a vest, bags, pouches and even for jewelry.

For this vest, I created a basic pattern and then patchworked the pattern pieces. One could first make patchwork fabric, lay the pattern down and then cut it but that also wastes the patchwork fabric.

Mosaic patchwork vest

I detached a collar from one of the shirts that I upcycled and using the mosaic technique created an art collar.

The technique used to detach and embellish the collar can be found here


Collar statement piece

The tiniest of remnants are used to create fabric art cuffs.

Art cuff bracelet

It can be used to create an art piece as is or to create a background for an art quilt.

Mosaic wallart

The technique can also be used to create new fabric from scraps. This fabric can be used to create new products.

In short, don't throw your tiny scraps away. Keep them, sort them according to color first and shape second, and then when the mood takes you, you have your supplies ready.

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