• Sharon Prigan

Creating Art with Remnants Part 5

When making crumb quilted square feet I end up having a lot of fabric remnants in a variety of sizes.

In the past I either used to throw them away or snip them even smaller and use as stuffing for pillows and dolls.

Crumb spring sq feet of fabric

Over the years I have challenged myself to find more creative uses for these scraps.

With the longer, narrower strips that I am left with after sizing up the square feet, I have begun to create new fabric by stitching the strips one of top of the other in a continuous manner like this.

Top stitching strips together

I end up having a decent sized piece of fabric, this time 2 pieces which I can use to either create a bag, a pouch or a pillow.

New strip fabric

The smaller pieces create more of a challenge.

Fabric scraps

I cut strips from the pastel pieces and using my mosaic technique only with strips this time, I created another piece of fabric.

The fabric can be used as is to create something else or as a background piece for art embellishemnt with fabric flowers , buttons and yoyos.

Mosiac art piece

From the other small pieces I cut "tiles" or small geometric shaped pieces to be used in a mosaic project to create new fabric.

Small fabric tiles

The pieces this time are really small. See the size for scale next to my fingers.

For scale next to my hand

Top stitching a pastel mosaic art piece.

Top stitching

Scale of the finished piece.

Small finished piece

The completed mosaic landscape patchwork piece

This piece can be framed as is, as an art piece. Used as a background for collage embellishment or it can be used to make a small zippered pouch or a fabric cuff.

The applications with this fabric are numerous and it is a fun way to use up scraps.

Pastel mosaic landscape patchwork

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