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Creating with Scraps

Updated: Jun 18

Sewing is for the soul. I have decided to create art quilts but not to leave them as art quilts. That creative spark burns all the time but how many art pieces does one need. Not many. I gift many of them but create more than I gift.

purple Scrap fabrics in a bowl

So my solution is to go with the flow and create art but not leave it as an art piece. Rather to create something practical with it.

My most practical item that I create from my patchwork art is a zippered pouch. It can be used to store many things and can be used as a gift in itself.

When I entertain, my guests have a zippered pouch on their plate with a suprise relevant to the likes of each guest inside. One can get a button bracelet, another a necklace

Zippered pouches are things that one can never have too many of. I find hundreds of uses for them. They are a gift in themselves but perfect to be used as a gift wrap as well.I cut the large piece into 2 large rectangles. Backed them with some flannel sheeting and quilted them .I used some scraps to create tassels for zipper pulls

purple zippered pouch with a purple button necklace

another a selection of herbal teas and another a smaller zippered pouch inside the larger one. The ideas are endless.

So I create. I create new fabric from the scraps that are left over from previous projects. I don't create immediately but rather store the fabric remnants in designated bottles and boxes and choose from them when the mood arises. I always have a supply on hand.

These are remnants from my Wave Sunset and Wave Nova Star art pieces for the pdf tutorials and videos.

purple blue and fuschia fabric strips

A selection of fuschia and purple scraps sewn together

Fuschia fabric scraps

Purples and blues

blue and purple fabric scraps

sewn strips of crumb fabric

My layout of the crumb pieces

crumb fabric pieces in purples laid out on a table

And now to sew some crumb fabric pieces and wave fabric pieces and then create more zippered pouches



and the videos classes can be viewed here on my site after purchase

There is a 59 page pdf detailed download tutorial for the lined zipper pouch available here -

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