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Creative Hands

The prompt for day 4 in the instagram sharing called IGQuiltFest2023 is #creativehands so I am going to share photos of my students creating.

I love seeing their different color choices and they have artistic license to decorate their products with whatever colors they like.

Pinning fabric flowers onto fabric for a collage
Creating a collage

She chose pastel fabrics for her quilted pouch and wanted narrow, closely spaced quilting lines and she pinned the layers together with many pins so she had to sew very slowly.

Machine quilting
Machine quilting

Pinning by themselves to improve dexterity

Pinning fabrics
Pinning fabrics

pinning fabrics

Quilting. The more she sews the straighter her quilting lines will be.

Quilting her fabric pouch

Ironing after sewing

Ironing fabrics

Cutting threads by themselves again, doing by themselves and improving dexterity.

Cutting threads
Cutting threads

Choosing buttons. Meditative and calming to run ones fingers through the pile of buttons.

Choosing buttons
Choosing buttons

Sewing yoyos, more hand sewing practice.

Sewing fabric yoyos
Sewing yoyos

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