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Crumb Patchwork Quilt

I began sewing the crumb patchwork quilt a few days ago and had to finish it this week, as Friday was the day for it to be gifted.

I found a matching sheet to use for the backing .

A blue sheet on a table with the quilt top on top of it

Laid the sheet down on the table, the polyester batting over that and then the quilt top face up on top of the polyester batting.

Making sure that the bottom sheet extended beyond the batting and quilt top by at least 10 cm on each side, so that there would be enough fabric to fold down towards the front for a self binding to frame the quilt.

3 quilt layers, top, polyester batting and backing

Pinned all the layers together and took it to the sewing machine to quilt a wide grid over the seams.

quilt on a sewing machine waiting to be sewn

After quilting,The sheet from the back was 8 cm wide at the narrowest point so I had to cut it all down to 8 cm and then iron and double fold over to the front of the quilt for the bound edge.

the quilt on an ironing board waiting to be ironed

Pinned the self binding down to the front of the quilt.

pinned, bound edges of the quilt

Pinned the binding down into mitred corners at the edges of each side.

pinned corners of the quilt

Sewed the binding down as close to the inside edge as possible.

sewing the pinned bound edges of the quilt on a sewing machine

I chose not to quilt it densely as I wanted a very soft fluffy blanket. I quilted a widely spaced grid, just enough rows to make sure that the three layers, backing, batting and quilt top were joined together.

Patchwork quilt laid out on the grass in ocean and sky colors

The color combinations came out beautifully

Patchwork quilt  in ocean and sky colors hanging on a fence

A lovely Ocean quilt for a little boy

Patchwork quilt laid out in ocean and sky colors

Washed and folded ready to be gifted.

Folded patchwork quilt in ocean and sky colors

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1 Comment

Jun 02

What a lovely quilt. Such a clear presentation of all the steps.

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