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These are the shelves that I have designated for my huge button and yoyo supply.

Storage area for buttons

I have about 4 times the amount that can fit onto these shelves. I don't need all of them. I use a certain amount when I create samples for tutorials and to create art work for exhibitions. 4 of the bottles I use when teaching and the students get free rein to choose whatever they want to.

So what do I do with all of these?

Buttons and beads

One of the ideas is easy. I sorted a mix of buttons in varying sizes, added in a selection of beads and filled recycled soft drink plastic bottles with the buttons. Each one of my students is gifted a bottle so that they can always create at home.


Why plastic and not glass? I learned that the hard way after dropping a glass bottle of buttons on the floor and having to pick up buttons which were scattered amongst shattered glass.

Button filled bottles

The next step is to sort my bottles of beads. I will be doing the same, keeping a selection and gifting a bottle each to my students.

Boxes and bottles of bueads

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