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Updated: Jan 10

This year students have asked to learn more embroidery techniques.

We taught the basics last year and the students created an embroidered sampler using a few basic stitches.

With and without a hoop.

Hoop embroidery
Hoop embroidery

Practice makes perfect

Choosing colors
Choosing colors

They learnt to draw designs and embroider them using a few basic techniques. I had a huge selection of embroidery threads last year which I let them use freely.

Basic hoop embroidery
Basic hoop embroidery

Some of them are artists and did thread sketches using basic embroidery techniques.

Thread sketching
Thread sketching

And this year we are going to explore the world of embroidery together, using only upcycled fabrics and threads.

I will be challenging them to create embroidered art using only what we have on hand. They will be given a pile of fabrics at the start of the lesson and if they don't have threads they will make them from fabric scraps.

I have created a few examples for inspiration. I will show them towards the middle of the lesson so as not to guide their creativity. I want to see what they come up with on their own.

Threads from scrap fabrics
Threads from scrap fabrics

This piece was challenging. The threads of the corduroy fabric were very tightly woven and the threads that I created by tearing strips from upcycled sheeting were very hard to pull through the fabric.

I normally embroider without a thimble but I had no choice this time. I had to use a needle with a relatively large eye in order to thread the fabric strips through and that forced me to really pull the needle through the corduroy fabric.

It is a very unusual piece and am very happy with the result.

This will be an interesting year and I look forward to being surprised by their talent and creativity.

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