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Embroidery and Embellishments 5

Today I taught how to make a fly stitch. I actually call it a bird stitch because one can create tiny birds flying over a landscape with this stitch.

The first step is t o bring the needle up through the fabric.

Fly stitch

Take the needle to the left

Bring the thread up

And insert it into the fabric parallel to the point on the right side. Make sure that the thread is behind the needle.

Insert into the fabric

Pull the needle out of the fabric. You now have an upside down v shape or 2 wings.

Pull the needle up

Now to create the head of the fly or bird. Decide whether you want a small or large head and put the needle into the fabric.

Stitch the head

Pull the thread through to the back side

Pull thread o back side

And the fly or bird is done. Do a top stitch at the back and tie a small knot. One could thread a bead on to create a raised head.

Fly is done

See how its done

#embroidery #embellishments

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