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Embroidery and Embellishments 6

Today I also taught how to do feather stitch. It is very similar to the fly stitch and one can create beautiful floral stems with this stitch.

Each fly stitch is an individual stitch. The feather stitch is a run on series of joined stitches.

Starting the feather stitch

I have drawn "pyramids" as a base for the embroidery, each "pyramid" has 2 sides and a pointed tip at the top.

When pulling up the thread from the bottom of the fabric pull it through the bottom of the first side.

Pyramid shapes

Then insert the needle into the bottom of the second side.

Insert the needle

Bring the needle out at the "tip" of the "pyramid" and make sure that the thread is lying under the needle.

Hold the thread behind the needle

Pull the needle out of the fabric.

Pull the needle up

The first feather stitch is done. Continue in this way, once to the left and once to the right . Until you have a long stem.

Feather stitch

See here how it's done

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