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From Rags to Roses

I am still working on my slow stitching course. Its amazing, I haven't bought fabric or threads for years and everytime that I begin a new project I am never sure that I will find the colors and fabrics that I envision in my supply. I always do and more.

Whenever I create a new technique or a new course I get an idea and then think about it for a few days, begin to take fabrics out, experiment and then the ideas begin to take hold. And then nothing can stop me. The table that was once empty gets filled to overflowing. The piles of fabric come out,

fabrics, threads and patchwork on my table

The wooden boards to plan the layouts and note paper for writing down all of my ideas

I will be creating samples using my fabrics sorted according to the four seasons.

I am preparing samples for a course and I am also writing a PDF tutorial for the techniques. In addition, this time I will be adding videos to the PDF tutorial and there will be links to the videos in the PDF itself.

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