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Gathered Flowers

I created a selection of fabric flowers, hand stitched only, for my winter slow stitch piece. Here is the first flower tutorial in the series.

I chose a selection of purple and tie dyed fabric circles. The circles I cut out using plastic from the inside of a coffee bottle as my template it is approx 6 cm across

purple fabric circles

I used 4 circles for this gathered flower. Lay them down in a row overlapping each other by approx 1 cm

4 purple fabric circles laid on each other in a row

Threaded 2 needles. Knotted the threads on the far side.

2 threaded sewing needles

Sewed a row of running stitches slightly off center using one of the needles

sewing a row of running stitches

Left the needle in the thread

sewing the first row of running stitches leaving hte needle in the thread

Sewed a second row of running stitches using the second threaded needle off center to the other side leaving a small space between the 2 stitched rows.

sewign a second row of running stitches

Cut in between the 2 sewn rows

cutting with a scissors between the rows of sewing

The 2 cut rows

2 rows of threaded half circles

Gather each row

Gathering the fabric

To form a flower

Sewing the center of the flower

Gathered fabric flower

gathered fabric flower

Fabric flowers

Gatehred fabric flowers, purple flowers

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