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How to cut a tshirt into different parts for maximum usage and minimum waste

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

When cleaning out closets for spring cleaning and end of school year we all come across piles of t shirts which are either too small or stained or worn. We don't have to throw them away. There are many uses for old t-shirts. From wash and cleaning rags to haute couture fashion pieces. T-shirt fabric is an excellent source of recreation material. It is easy to cut, doesn’t need to be hemmed and can be stretched for a more elegant look. It is very versatile. It can be braided, crocheted, knitted and knotted.

All of us have used t shirts at home which can be used for these projects. All of the t shirts, even the ones with holes and stains can be used. Old school t shirts with school symbols can be used as well.

I cut the t shirt into 3 sections .A tube underneath the armholes, the top part of the t shirt with the sleeves attached and the bottom hem of the t shirt

Lay your t shirt to be cut down on the table. Smooth it and make sure that the front and back hems are alinged with each other. You will be cutting under the sleeves.This tube can be used as a t shirt waistband for skirts or pants or can be made into t shirt yarn..

After that cut off the hem. Don't throw it away.

Cut the t shirt hem
Cut the t shirt hem

You will be turning the hem inside out with a safety pin to create t shirt cording. Attach the safety pin between the 2 layers of the hem as shown in the picture.

T shirt hem
T shirt hem

Push the head of the safety pin into the hem. Keep pushing the safety pin in and pulling the fabric to the back until the safety pin comes out the other side. Pull it until you have turned the hem completely inside out.

Flipping  t shirt cord
Flipping t shirt cord

I do this every time I make t shirt yarn and now have a large supply of t shirt cording. It can be used as a necklace cord or can be rolled into fabric flowers.

T shirt cord
T shirt cord

Next cut of the neckline and keep that too, it can be used to make a necklace.

Cut the neckband
Cut the neckband

T shirt yarn can be threaded through the neckline

T shrt neckband
T shirt neckband

Push the neckline in and you have a t shirt necklace

Use your imagination and you will have hours of fun creating.

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