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Jewel Colors

This was a really fun project and the perfect way to make use of the many t shirt scraps that have accumulated in my studio.

I have so many things that I create with t shirt scraps, I cut circles to create yoyos and fabric flowers

Circular fabric flowers or yoyos made from t shirt scraps

and use the really small pieces to make t shirt jewelry.

t shirt necklace made from t shirt scraps in jewel colors

But lately I have been having many different clothing ideas. I love jewel colors so when I saw that I had lots of black, purple, pink, turquoise and green t shirt scraps, I decided to make a t shirt which I could use as an over shirt in autumn and winter.

t shirt made with patchwork t shirt scraps

And then I thought why not a tunic as well because I had enough pieces for that too.

t shirt patchwork tunic in jewel colors

I have finally finished my t shirt and tunic created from all those scraps I found in the studio. I have created a very detailed tutorial teaching how to create using scraps and upcycled fabrics.

The tutorial is available on Etsy here

or on my site here

t shirt tunic, shirt and scrap t shirt fabrics

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