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Jewel Tones

Last week I spent a few hours sorting fabric boxes. I went through the box of tie dyed t shirt remnants that I have. Lots of small odd shaped piece which I have kept for future use in art pieces or to make fabric flowers.

Whenever I sort through my fabrics I come up with many different creative ideas. I find that I need a break from creating art techniques and wanted to create some practical pieces that still have that special touch.

I looked at this pile of fabrics, lots of jewel colors in there. I added blacks and an interesting idea germinated. Something practical from scraps that I will get a lot of use out of.

A jewel colored t shirt for summer. Also there is enough fabric to create a 3/4 length tunic with long sleeves and a very long cowl neck.

tie dyed t shirt fabric scraps

I decided to cut all the remnants into manageable sized pieces

tie dyed t shirt fabric strips

and as is my custom, I don't throw anything away. A bowl of small pieces

fabric scraps in a bowl

and another bowl for all of the necklines and sewn hems

fabric hems in a bowl

which when flipped inside out become t shirt cording which can be used for a number of things, as ties and as cording for fabric jewelry, I have a box for those.

My ancient 40 + year old overlocker was uncovered and I got to work

jewel colored fabrics on the table in front of an overlocker sewing machine

All of the offcuts from the overlocker were collected in a bowl

t shirt remnants in a bowl behind a sewing overlocker machine

and I will most probably use them to create some interesting pieces of fabric jewelry, beads and bracelets.

t shirt remnants

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