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Jungle Colors

Today was a mending and sorting day. I mended a bag and sewed some buttons on a tunic. I also had 2 packets of fabric scraps that I had put aside for creating some fabric art.

People ask me all the time how I choose colors for a project.

Well the first thing that I do is choose a container or a packet and after I have decided on the theme for that particular art piece, either a season or a mood or a view I begin to collect fabric scraps which suit the theme that I have chosen.

A season can be spring, summer, autumn or winter.

A mood can be tranquil, ecstatic, angry, somber or playful to name a few.

A view can be ocean, twilight, desert or jungle.

I tell my students that the most important thing when choosing colors to my mind is not the color wheel, it is what they feel.

Text book jungle colors can be different shades of greens and browns. I went to a search engine and asked for jungle colors. I found certain palettes but I also found childrens books and there the colors were different, reds and yellows and many shades of greens and oranges as well.

When I think of a color palette when doing art I try to immerse myself in the mood of what I have chosen. I first choose the colors and then go to my stash. I am limited because I will not purchase new fabric but have to work with what I have.

Jungle for me is dark, lush greens with browns and olive greens and yellows with a bit of blue and orange and some leopard and tiger prints as well.

This is the first pile I found

Jungle colored fabric scraps
Jungle colored fabric scraps

It needed more brown but this was too orangey

Orange brown fabric shaded scraps
Orange brown fabric

This was too chocolate

Chocolate shaded fabric scraps
Chocolate shaded fabric

And this was just right

Brown fabric scraps
The right shade of brown

The jungle colors that I found in my scrap pile. Dark olive greens, lighter olive greens, a mustard yellow, a leopard print piece of fabric, greeny beige and a floral print in olive green with a touch of blue and orange. I think that when I am finished it will say jungle.

Fabric scraps in shades of jungle colors
A jungle fabric mix

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