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The times we are going through are very hard for everyone here in Israel. I decided to catch up with past students and see how they are all doing. I have had many students. Some began studying with me at age 6 and are now in the army.

children sewing on sewing machines

children sewing on sewing machines

I sent many whatsapp messages and made some calls. First to the soldiers, They are all fine thank goodness.

Then to high school students and then to the younger ones. Everybody is in good health but were very upset emotionally of course.

We decided on a spontaneous zoom meeting to catch up with each other.

children in the sewing studio

Everyone had something to show me. Some of the students I haven't seen for a number of years and others a number of months.

student creating fabric bunny doll

They are all still creating!. Some more, some less, but creating.

Some of them brought their creations to the meeting.

Some asked for weekly zoom meetings, so that's what we decided to do.

Each one has the opportunity to decide during the week what they want to learn from me and that is what we will do in the zoom meetings.

They will ask and I will teach and we will speak -- I miss them

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2 comentarios

16 oct 2023

Thank you for posting about your many students especially those serving in the army. I'm at a loss of words to express our heartfelt sympathies for what has transpired during the past several days. don

Me gusta
16 oct 2023
Contestando a

Thank you ❤️

Me gusta
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