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Milestones and Decisions

Birthdays - a time for retrospection and looking forward.

Whenever a birthday comes around I look back and see what I have accomplished in the past year. How much I have developed in my techniques and where I have gone.

I managed to focus and develop my art quilt techniques, enjoyable and technically satisfying BUT have I made a mark? and if so what kind of a mark?

I think it can take a lifetime to discover what one's calling is. I teach. I am lucky that I have discovered this about myself. But what do I teach, and to whom do I teach?

These past few years I see that I have the ability to understand various techniques, to simplify them and to pass them on to others. That of itself could be a calling, but there is more. . .

To reach the mind of a child, to open a door and to show a whole wide world and to help give the child tools to journey in that world, well, that is something else.

chidlren choosing fabrics

To see that spark of wonder as the realization of capability dawns - that is a magical moment.

This year I will be focusing on helping others to open those doors.

I am bringing my classes with my insights online in the hope that I will be able to help other teachers and parents open many doors for children.

“What if you started acting like what you do for kids is more important than anything else you do.”

Reggie Joiner

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