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Moonlight Landscape

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I had a request from my students just before they went on vacation. They wanted to learn how to make landscape quilts without having to do lots of ironing and I was tasked with coming up with a technique for them to work on in the winter classes.

I have been wanting to do that myself so today I finally worked on an idea.

I hit the students scrap box and tasked myself with finding colors there before opening the winter fabric boxes.

It looks a mess, but its actually quite a treasure trove. All the colors of the rainbow and more can be found in this neverending box of surprises.

A box of scrap fabrics for sewing patchwork

Contrary to what I usually do, that is, have the colors fixed in my mind before beginning to work, this time, I first pulled out colors in a certain mix and then thought of the design. I played around with the fabrics and built something that I think will work.

fabric palced in a rough sea and moonlight design on the table

Quite a varied selection of color shades.

moonlight colored fabric strips

I want the technique to be an uncomplicated one so that it will be achievable by all levels of sewists and yet to be able to be upgraded to create a piece of textile art.

I will begin sewing this week and see whether I can bring the idea in my head to fruition before my students return from vacation. They will be the testers for the tutorial.

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