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Must get back into the studio

We have just moved and my studio is still packed away. I have itchy fingers, I want to feel my fabrics and run my fingers through my piles of buttons. I miss having all that color around me. I need to sit and sew on my machine.

sewing on a machine
My fun place

playng with buttons
Button therapy

I have so many ideas flowing around in my head and and can't create at the moment. I have been sketching and writing in my notebooks as I always do but its not enough. I need to sit and create!

There is a ruffled tunic in the pipeline. I have been collecting button down men's shirts in burgundy and plum shades for this one. I plan to wear the first sample for the tutorial.

A t shirt hooded jacket/coat. This also arose out of a need. I am always cold in winter and need hooded clothing for warmth. A 3/4 t shirt jacket coat with pockets is exactly what is called for. Of course it will be a patchwork piece, for an added layer of warmth and for an interesting design.

Some more art fabric techniques as well. Of course I have to find more interesting uses for my scraps.

But most of all I am looking forward to seeing my young students again. I have lots of ideas to share with them.

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