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My Navy tunic

I woke up this morning and decided that I want this tunic to be ready by this afternoon.

I raided someone's closet and took a too small (for him) shirt and a remnant of fabric and cut and placed the puzzle pieces together on the table.

The shirt was too short so I had to be creative.

Cut pieces of fabric and shirt
Cut pieces

Pinned the pieces together


Stitched and serged the seams

Serging the seams
Serging the seams

The front back and sides joined with deep pockets - just like I like.

Trying on for size
Trying on for size

I added the sleeve pieces that I had cut off the shirt and now to add a band at the bottom.


The band has to be narrower otherwise it will look like a tent.

Adding a band at the bottom of the tunic
Adding a band

I pin the sides and the center front and center back, the band has to be stretched while joining it as it is smaller than the tunic.

Marking the center front
Center front

This is the width

Tunic width
tunic width

And this is how it will look most of the time.

A roomy, warm, comfortable t shirt tunic using only upcycled clothing and fabrics.

T shirt tunic
T shirt tunic

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