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My production line

I am working on another tutorial and auditioning fabrics for the sample.

I made a pact a few years ago not to ever buy fabric again. So when I am designing something I need to be creative. I first envision the design and then the colors. I allow myself to play with tones because I don't always find what I see in my head in the fabric boxes that I have. So flexibilty and creativity is what is called for.

I envisioned an ocean but not just blues, turquoise and greens also corals and yellows.

I pull colors out of the box and lay them down on the table to see the visual effect.

Choosing fabrics
Choosing fabrics

I actually managed to find many colors close to what I had envisioned. I went to all 4 season boxes and took something out of each box. I haven't even dented the piles of scrap fabric that I have. I think that when my back is turned the fabrics grow.

Fabrics for an art piece
The colors

I cut the selection into strips and laid them out.

Fabric strips laid out for an art piece
My design

Working with cotton and poly cotton there are many remnants. I used to put these in the bead making pile but this time looked at them differently. I can use them to create art.

Fabric strips
Fabric strips

The pile just kept on growing

Fabric strips
More strips

And the threads - these I used to throw away but there is something about them, that asked me to keep them. Maybe for beads or I could enmbroider with them or use them to create texture in landscapes.


The result, fabrics for my project , strips and many threads.

Fabric strips wider and narrow and a bowl of threads
Fabric collection

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