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Neverending scraps

This is really becoming quite addictive. I am not managing to throw anything away. Autumn remnants from other projects, too small for patchwork and I might use them to create some more ScrapFabric.

Realy small pieces of scrap fabrics
Scrap fabrics

I am being influenced by my students. One of the children last year walked around the room and collected loose threads from everyone's scraps. He ended up with a huge pile and we made beads from them.

The same thing happened to me today. You know that pile of threads that gets entangled in your scraps? Well today instead of throwing them away I collected them and this is only a small part of what I found.

Having all sorts of interesting thoughs of what to do with them.

A pile of fabric threads collected from the pile of scraps
Fabric threads

The last idea of the day was to take the really narrow strips, the 1 cm or less width pieces and join them randomly to create "yarn" for crocheting, knitting or weaving.

yarn made by joining narrow scrap fabrics togethere
fabric "yarn"

My progression of neverending fabric

Fabric scraps and threads and yarn
Neverending fabric

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