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Painting with fabric

Many students can envision a landscape in their mind's eye, others need inspiration either from nature or from a picture. Some can paint the landscape as they go and others need to refer to a planned sketch.

One doesn't need any specialized fabrics to paint a landscape. There are treasures waiting in your scrap box.

Those odd pieces of lace for the froth on waves

Those torn grey shaded strips

Torn grey shaded strips
Torn grey shaded strips

The remnants of strips and threads

Threads and strips
Threads and strips

The remainders of yesterday's project

Fabric remainders
Fabric remainders

Are all "paint" for creating a fabric landscape.

This is a technique where you definitely don't have to color within the lines.

Fabric wall art using scraps is quick to do. You can achieve many different landscapes by adding yarn, lace, fringe, beads or buttons. The possibilities are endless.

Landscapes can be made smaller or larger. One can use many pieces or just a few. There are no hard and fast rules.

Just have fun creating.

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