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Painting with fabric - Confetti quilting

Now to see what happened to those glued pieces. After giving it a good shaking so that the unglued pieces would fall off, this is the result. There are a few gaps where the glue didn't catch the piece so I gently laid down a few loose pieces and then laid a layer of black tulle over everything.

The glued pieces

I pinned the tulle every 7 or so cm all around the edges, took the piece to the machine and stitched all around the outer edges- a frame.

I then removed all the pins.

Black tulle

And begain quilting. I don't use a walking foot or drop the feed dogs for this kind of project. I decided to do gently wavy lines both horizontally and vertically.

The piece is a bit bulky as there are more than one layer of confetti pieces in some of the areas.

To achieve an even result I would have had to purchase a spray adhesive and worked with a tweezers to place the pieces down. I don't have time for that.

This is not one of the techniques that I use often it is too time consuming to achieve a very flat surface.

Quilting wavy lines

This is what it looked like after stitching wavy lines in one direction.

Quilted in one direction

Now to turn it around and quilt in the other direction. I used a purple thread for the top stitching.

Quilting in the other direction

The finished piece after quilting in both directions.

Quilted piece

I ran a stitching line twice around the edges just to make sure that the tulle was stitched in place and that none of the confetti pieces could escape.

2 lines of top stitching on the edges

I am actually very pleased with the result. It is a colorful, abstract textured piece. I will frame it and hang as is.

The finished quilted confetti landscape

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