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I am getting there. What I envisioned is becoming a creation.

Its one thing to see it laid out like this

fabric strips laid out in a pattern

and another to go to the sewing machine and translate it into what I see in my mind's eye.

Many times I see something and when I begin to sew the way that the fabric behaves calls for flexibilty. I see one technique but often need to adjust. I only work with the fabric scraps that I have on hand and not all of them are the same weight or the same weave. Some stretch more than others.

So my creations are always works in progress and flexible. Every time this happens to me I remember a video that I have seen of an elderly Japanese gentlemen who lives on Okinawa and creates mind games. He discussed Altzheimer and said that if we keep our grey cells active and challenged we won't get Altzheimer.

Well creating my tutorials and bringing the techniques that I see in my head to fruition is definitely a challenge. There is reasoning behind the way I work. I don't believe in waste. I have a lot of fabric and made a pact with myself a number of years ago that I will not buy anymore. I think that even if I were to live until 120 I wouldn't manage to use up all that I have.

For this project I used remnants from the large wave piece that I just created. I didn't have enough of the colors that I wanted but I used what I had. There were pinks, some shades of greens, a bit of the tie dye and some oranges.

colored fabric strips

That being said, I don't always find the same types of fabrics to work with, hence the challenge. I experiment with pieces, check the stretch and flexibility factor and how they lie when stitched together. Many times I have to adjust what I have seen in my head to the reality of the way that the fabrics behave. I think that is how life is, we would like people to behave in certain ways and they don't always do that so life is full of adjustments to realities.

sewn patchwork piece

I will be quilting this piece differently from the way that I usually do and again only using threads that I have in my stash.

threads on a patchwork piece in orange and pink and teal

Follow to see where it takes me

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