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Recreating a faded shirt

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I made this shirt about 30 years ago. It was a slightly deeper shade of olive green and did not have the strips on the side or the lace at the bottom.

Appliqued shirt

Over the years I needed to widen and lengthen it. I added olive green t shirt fabric to the sides.

I find it very comfortable to add t shirt inserts to a cotton shirt. It provides a lot of flexibility as though I am wearing a t shirt. I had to use many pins as the t shirt fabric stretches and the cotton of the shirt does not.

Tshirt inserts
T shirt inserts

I couldn't find the same shade of green lace so I added a slightly contrasting piece of lace at the bottom to lengthen it

Green lace

The color faded over the years and I don't wear sleeveless shirts anymore. I went to my stash to see what I could find.

After my decision from last year to not purchase any more fabric or notions I have to be creative.

I found a packet of olive green t shirts and one of them was in a shade that was deeper but similar to the shirt.

Olive green tshirts

I cut off the sleeves and shortened them and used the remnants to make yoyos.


Better, but still a bit boring for me today.

Added sleeves

Much better!

3/4 legth sleeves and I will be adding yoyos in the same shades as the sleeves to brighten it up.

It is definitely something that I will wear now. With some remnants and imagination it is easy to rejuvenate and recreate a shirt for many more wearings.

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