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Setting up the studio

What a crazy month! Moving house and studio together is a project. The house part was easy, the studio was another story.

I have so many different sections in my studio.

Bottles and boxes of buttons.

Bottles of buttons
Bottles of buttons

Boxes of doilies and strips and pieces of lace.

Doilies and lace
Doilies and lace

Upcycled zippers, hundreds of them in boxes.

Boxes of jeans pockets

A pile of pockets of jeans
Jean pockets

Fabrics, foils, sheet size, small pieces, circles for yoyos and tiny pieces for beads.

purple fabric strips for making beads
fabric strips for beading

It was a tremendous task to pack them so that the unpacking would be practical. I packed according to subject and marked the boxes accordingly so it is not that daunting.

Now to get started

a turquoise sewing machine
Brother sewing machine

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