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Shades of green

I finally finished that small art garden in greens.

A base fabric piece
A base piece

I create a base consisting of fabric, yoyos, pleated ribbons and then I begin to paint with buttons and beads.

What I had available this week was a relatively small selection of green buttons and a bottle of upcycled beads which were collected over the years from broken jewelry pieces.

Selection of upcycled beads
Selection of upcycled beads

A mix of everything. Crystals, glass, wooden and plastic beads. I spent an hour fishing out all the greeen shaded ones that I could find and begain painting.

Embellishing with beads
Painting with beads

I used all the shades of green. Apple, olive, fern, grass, forest. I used some glass, some plastic, a few wooden ones as well as some crystals. Now I will sew them down and then I will be done.

This piece can be used as a fabric beaded bracelet or as a small wallart piece.

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