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Sherbet in the summer

Now that we have moved the studio I can begin the process of unpacking my fabric, button and bead boxes.

I am finding a whole lot of surprises. Color packs that I prepared from remnants and sorted in the past. As though they have been waiting for me all this time to be created...

I decided to work randomly. Without even looking at the packets I put my hand in the box and pulled out the first one that I touched.

Most appropriate. Pastel, sherbet, sugar fluff colors for these hot summer days.

Pastel fabric strips
Pastel fabric strips

I had created fabric beads from very small remnants in the past and now made some more.

Created some summer wave art.

Then top stitched on my vintage machine. I love working on this machine. Slow, steady, calm even stitching. Somewhat meditative.

Top stitching
Top stitching

"So soft, melt in the mouth, light sugar fluff colors.

They made her think of sherbet and lazy days.

In the long hot summer where nothing could reach her..."

G. Bella

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