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T shirt Jewelry

Updated: May 27, 2023

Every time I work on a project and as it progresses I have smaller and smaller remnants. Each stage in the project creates remnants of a certain size which then call for the next project and even more smaller remnants for the next until all I have left are really tiny scraps which I will have to find a technique for.

These are not the tiniest pieces yet and the tie dyed fabrics made by are so beautiful that I have to find a use for all of the pieces

bowl of t shirt scraps

I created 2 necklaces yesterday - the ultimate use for all of those scraps

t shirt necklace

They can be worn like this

short version of t shirt necklace

Or like this

Long version of t shirt necklace

Each one gets its own zippered pouch

t shirt necklace coming out of zippered pouch

Perfectly color coordinated

t shirt necklace on Zippered pouch

2 necklaces for 2 sisters

@ t shirt necklaces on zippered pouches

And they can be worn in one of 2 ways

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