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T shirt Tunic

Its October already, skies are beginning to get cloudy and the evenings a bit cooler. Its time to make some t shirt tunics from that pile of t shirts which need to be upcycled.

A pile of purples. Some stained, some small school shirts. I have been collecting purples for a while.

A collection of purple t shirts
A collection of purple t shirts

I cut them into random shapes, excluding the stains and the school logos and serged them together with black thread for contrast.

Serging purple t shirt scraps together
Serging scraps

I ended up having enough pieces to make 2 tunics. One longer

A longer purple t shirt tunic
A longer tunic

A 3/4 length t shirt tunic made from purple upcycled t shirts
A 3/4 length t shirt tunic

And one shorter

Now to work with the next color piles.

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