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Talented Students

This week we had a spring sewing workshop. I choose products that the children are going to sew according to the season of the workshop. This week they made hats.

Crumb patchwork hat
Crumb patchwork hat

They are not given a solid piece of fabric rather have to create a crumb patchwork rectangle choosing pieces from the scrap box. I do this for 2 reasons. The first, this gives them lots of sewing practice to get familiar with the sewing machine and second of all, just as important, to show them that in order to create they do not have to go and purchase new fabric. They can use what they have at home to create their own fabric.

I think that this gives them a wonderful sense of independence and the ability to look with a different vision at their surroundings and circumstances. They are given tools, not just for sewing but for looking at the world with a different awareness. Especially cosidering the state the world is in at the moment.

My students are taught to be self sufficient and to think in a creative manner.

I am awed by what they create.

These are the boxes of remnants that they are given to choose fabrics from.

Boxes of fabric remnants
Boxes of fabric remnants

Their color choices surprise me. Some of them choose random colors, others pastels and this week she chose these.

She put on her headphones, turned on her music, bent down and began creating.

I watched her while she worked. She cut small rectangles and squares, laid the fabrics out into color piles and began sewing.

She didn't use any pins, even though she is supposed to. I didn't comment. I ws curios to see where she was going with this and didn't want to disturb her at all.

This was on the table when she went for the brunch break.

She was also supposed to iron after every stitch, which she had not, but I wanted to see where this was going.

Crumb patrchwork pieces
Crumb patchwork pieces

After brunch she "sort of" ironed it and this is what she ended up with. A piece of fabric art.

I suggested that she frame it. It is beautiful!

She is quite stubborn and said no, she wants to make a hat so I quickly photographed it so that at least I would have a memory of her work.

Crumb patchwork piece
Sunny crumb patchwork art piece

The pieces cut out for her bucket hat.

Hat pattern pieces
Hat pattern pieces

The outside and the lining.

The hats are fully lined and reversible.

Hat and lining
Hat and lining

This time she did use pins.

Pinning her hat
Pinning her hat

The finished outside piece.

The completed outer piece
The completed outer piece

Her very colorful hat.

I did send the photo of her art piece to her mother who said that she is artistic and showed me some of her drawings.

Her lined bucket hat
Her lined bucket hat

I am curious to see how she will create her next project.

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