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Tea and Cozy

I have my signature blends of herbs and spices for drinking. The first is a cinammon, cardamon, star anise, and clove mix

to which I sometimes add some ginger

and turmeric root

and the second is Sheba or Wormwood leaves steeped in water with a spoon of raw honey. I freeze the Sheba leaves and slice off the amount that I need each time.

I make a huge pot once a day and have been keeping it warm with a towel

That is really ridiculous with my sewing ability and the amount of fabrics that I have on hand. So I decided to sew a patchwork tea cozy. I stitched a crumb patchwork rectangle

and placed it over the teapot for size.

measuring the width and height

I then pinned and turned inside out and measured again

pinned and measured on the teapot

The width was good but the top had to be curved

curving the top

I curved and cut both layers and then laid over a tea towel which was going to be used as the lining

tea towel lining

I cut that to size laid the 2 pieces face to face, stitched across both bottom sides leaving a gap in one in the center so that there would be a window to turn the cozy inside out after sewing all around.


pulled them up, the 2 towel pieces facing each other and the 2 patchwork pieces facing each other and stitched around the curved parts

machine stitching all around

All stitched with a window in the center


Slipped my had in the window

fabric window

And turned the cozy inside out


Now just to push the towel lining inside the patchwork top

inside out
inside out

Iron and top stitch around the bottom

the window needs to be stitched closed
the window needs to be stitched closed

Which gives a neat edge and closes the window at the same time.

Top stitching
Top stitching

The patchwork tea cozy

waiting to be ironed
waiting to be ironed

Waiting to be used

tea pot

I brewed a herbal mix

tea pot and cozy

and covered it.

Crumb patchwork tea cozy
Crumb patchwork tea cozy

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