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That Creative Hum

I love my Wednesday class. I teach sewing to children and from 16:00 onwards there is a creative hum in the air.

They are busy as bees. Today each one worked on a different project. Some of them come early but I don't start teaching until 16:00. They know that if they come early they have to be productive. I set them to sorting and cutting fabrics for their projects.

sorting fabrics
Sorting fabric strips

Today some worked on magic squares, pinning and sewing.

pinning fabric together

I don't help them to sew, I will stand next to them and give them moral support but will not sew their pillow covers for them. What is important to me when they sew their first project is that they are working independently. Going between the ironing board and the sewing machine all by themselves. What is less important is whether they are sewing straight or not. That will improve over time.

Sewing fabric for a magic square on the sewing machine

She actually sewed straight and was very happy with the result.

others worked on reversible tote bags, made pockets and pinned them into place.

Pinning pockets onto fabric for a bag

Pinned and sewed their straps for the bags.

Sewing fabric straps on the machine

Enjoyed learning to flip the straps inside out with a safety pin. It takes a few tries to get the technique and they are very happy when they do.

Turing the straps inside out

They ironed and pinned the straps in place

Pinning the straps onto the bag

and showed the bags off.

Wearing her fabric bag

and others began preparing patchwork fabric for their backpacks, having fun string piecing making chains.

Holding a long fabric chain

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