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That Neverending Scrap Box

I taught a student this morning and she had seen my wave landscape patchwork while scrolling through the site.

She asked me how I get inspiration and how I choose colors. So I showed her.

I told her that I don't purchase special fabrics and normally go to the scrap pile and choose strips from there. She asked to help me choose fabrics. She is 8 years old.

We went to this morning's scrap pile and I told her that I would choose some random colors and make them work together.

The scrap box
The scrap box

These were the first colors that I chose. A bit flat and serious. So I took another look in the scrap box

First color choice
First color choice

I kept the original colors and pulled out a darker grey. Still wasn't too happy.

Grey fabric
Grey fabric

So I rummaged around again and found 2 pieces of teal green which coordinated with the flowers on the floral fabric. Good, now its more interesting.

Adding teal green fabric
Adding teal

She looked in the pile and found a piece of green linen which we cut into 2 and added to the mix.

strips for wave landscape piece
strips for wave landscape piece

I wanted to show her that there were still more combinations in the scrap box.

She randomly pulled out 2 pieces and I pulled out another 2 and this is what we came up with. Interesting but a bit too somber for today's work so I put it aside for another day.

Somber color selection
Somvber color selection


I showed her how I collect all the remnants while creating, to be saved for another project.

These are going to become fabric beads.

Scraps for fabric beads
Scraps for fabric beads

I created a small wave landscape piece this morning. I let her decide on the color placement and she ironed the pieces after I stitched them - Teamwork.

Now she wants to make her own piece - next lesson.

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