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The Colors for my Wave Landscape Patchwork Nova Star Quilt

Now I have my fabrics in all the colors that I chose. I have put down on paper what I saw in my head. That accomplishes a number of things for me. I see a tangible color layout as I saw it in my head and while drawing the piece I get the "feel" of how the fabrics will flow along my drawn lines.

Now to create the fabriic layout. I lay the fabric pieces in the design on a sheet on the table and they will stay in that position until I am finished sewing the piece. Luckily for me that is the studio table and not the dining table :)

I always have 3 bowls on the table next to me when I work. One is for scraps, the second for orts or threads and the third for strips created when sizing pieces for the art work.

I don't throw anything away. The orts I use when creating floral collages, the strips I use in my boho carnival fabric and the scrap pieces I use for sewing leaders and enders.

This bowl of fabric scraps will sit on the table next to the sewing machine for my leaders and enders which will become another quilt as well.

For those of you that don't know what leaders and enders are see this post for a detailed explanation

I laid the fabric out in a design close to my sketch

This is the fabric layout for my Nova Star and now to begin sewing. another piece for my wave landscape patchwork quilt series.

The tutorial and the video will be here

Wave Landscape Patchwork Techniques and Video Tutorials

here on Etsy

and here on my site

and the videos classes can be viewed here on my site after purchase

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