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The Infinity Dress

What is an infinity dress? The infinity dress, also known as the convertible dress, is a dress that is basically comprised of a skirt and 2 very long straps which are twisted and tied in a selection of ways to create many different looks.

It is called by many names, the “Miracle Dress”, the “Magic Dress” the "Wrap Dress" the "Infinity Dress"' the "Convertible Dress" and the "Bridesmaid Dress" it can be dressed up with the addition of accessories, can be worn as a Bridesmaid Dress, a Prom Dress, a Maternity Dress and even can be worn as a Wedding dress.

The infinity dress is considered to be a universally flattering dress. The dress can be worn in 15 and some even say 27 different ways.

Infinity dresses are made from stretch fabrics. Tricot, jersey, lycra and cotton knits. The dress does not have any closures and is "closed" by wrapping the 2 long straps in a number of different ways.

The basic inifinity dress consists of a circle skirt of any length and 2 very long approx 2 -2.5 metre straps with a width of 30 - 50 cm width.

The dress can be upgraded with the addition of a "belt" or tank top which gives more coverage under the straps.

One of the first dresses that I teach in the children's sewing class is the infinity dress. A simple version of a skirt and 2 straps. The skirt can be made from a t shirt tube after removing the sleeves and the straps can be made from patchwork pieces from other upcycled t shirts.

Infinity dress from t shirts

Back view with twisted tied version

Here my student chose to sew a dress with a tank top, a 3/4 length wide A line skirt and straps made from 2 layers, lycra stretch and a thin layer of stretch netting to give a mermaid effect.

Cutting straps for infinity dress

Cutting out her A line skirt.

A line skirt

The finished wrapped dress.

Wrapped infinity dress

She wanted another infinity dress. She made one last summer.

This time she wanted to add sleeves and didn't want to make a dress and just add 2 strips for tying at the waist. So she designed the straps so that they included sleeves.

She drew her idea and then sketched out a pattern, worked out the placement of the sleeves and the measurements. Made a model using 2 old t shirts to see whether her idea worked, and it did!

I haven't seen anything like this on the net. Here is her result. She is only 11 years old.

The straps in the the infinity dress are normally attached to the waist facing forward dropping down. She attached them in front pulled them up, placed them on her shoulders attached sleeves at the shoulders and the straps continued down towards the back where they crossed over and could then be wrapped around her waist and tied in the back. The straps are 2 meters long.

The sleeve and strap from the back of the dress.

Attaching sleeves

The sleeve and strap from the front of the dress.

Sleeve from front of dress

She also made a detatchable belt from lycra and sequin strips as an accessory for more formal wear.

Belt accessory

Her finished long sleeved infinity dress.

Long sleeved infinity dress

3 different ways in which the infinity dress can be tied.

Different tied versions

The straps can be accessorized to dress the outfit up. Here a brooch pin is used by one of my talented students

A brooch pin accessory

And here she sewed a tube and stitched beads and yoyos onto it to use as an accent piece on one of the straps of the dress.

A floral accent piece on the dress strap

I have this beauty. I really have nowhere to wear it. I do dress up when I teach the children, it is an opportunity to show off.

The last time I wore it was when I taught them how to make an infinity dress and showed them my version.

So here's my infinity dress - I made an extravagant, ruched, gathered, bubble skirt and ruched tube to which I added the 2 metre long straps.

Ruched bubble skirt infinity dress

For more inifinty dresses and the many ways of how to tie them follow me on pinterest here.


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