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The Versatile T shirt

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Who doesn't have lots of t shirts in their closet. When it comes to that change of season closet sorting I always find myself with a pile of t shirts that I won't wear anymore. I keep some for cleaning and still have a pile. What can I do with them. The possibilities are endless and the t shirt can be used in its entirety.

The shirt gets dismantled into different sized pieces. The bulk of the body is cut into a tube which can be used as a t shirt waistband for skirts or pants.

The tube can also be cut into t shirt yarn which can be used for finger knitting, mats or tshirt necklaces.

Finger knitting which can be used to make a necklace or a scarf.


From the other pieces I cut circles which can be made into yoyos or fabric flowers.

The yoyos can be used to create art.

Or to make jewelry

The neckline can be made into a necklace.

And the small pieces can be made into t shirt jewelry.

The tiny remnants left over are used for pillow and doll stuffing.

The entire t shirt gets a second life.

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