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They will never look back

Today we completed a spring sewing camp. Children come to learn to sew by hand and by machine and to make fun products to take home and learn new skills.

They make a few large products during the week. They specifically come to sew for hours on a machine. They also get to iron a lot and work independently without having someone peering over their shoulder all the time.

On the first day of the sewing camp we do introductions and I explain the rules to them. I treat them as responsible people and explain that after getting the rudimentary directions I expect them to work independently. The only time that I am strict at all is when I discuss safety rules with them. No working barefeet and when one is ironing the others have to keep their distance from the ironing board.

They go home with products and I mark off a V on skills that I have taught them.

Yoyos and buttons - hand sewing skills

owl doll and buttons for eyes

Cutting fabric for stuffing - teamwork and reuse of fabric scraps

fabric scraps in a bowl

Zippered pouch - sewing zippers

pink fabrics and zipper and fabric flowers

Creating patchwork fabric - Many hours of practice on the machine

girl sewing on a sewing machine

patchwork fabric

This week they created little owl dolls

fabric owl dolls

book marks



zippered pouches

zippered pouch and owl dolls

and backpacks

patchwork backpack

Patchwork back pack

. And I created new sewists.

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1 Comment

Beth S.
Beth S.
Apr 04, 2023

That's so wonderful. Also, I should remember that no barefeet rule for myself....

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