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Tunic from Fun to Fancy

I am working on a tutorial for a versatile tunic with many different options. different fabrics, different pockets and different necklines and hemlines.

I have taught, over the years, many different versions of this tunic to students of all ages. I taught summer versions, winter versions, fun versions and fancy versions. The technique to get different looks from the same pattern is to use different fabrics, create different pockets - yes they have pockets - and create different necklines and hemlines as well as a few more embellishing and sewing techniques which I will share in the tutorial itself.

I am going to be spending this next month creating a series of different versions of my fun to fancy tunic and writing up a tutorial for it and creating videos.

I will share some of the stages of the creations and you are invited to follow.

This version will be created from autumn crumb fabrics.

autumn colored patchwork fabric on a table in a sewing studio

As usual I won’t buy fabrics or threads, only use what I have on hand, so I have to be creative. I found some fuschia and plum polyester threads.

spools of threads in plum and fuschia colors standing on patchwork fabric

Now to create more elements adding on strips of autumn colored fabrics using cotton and poly cotton scraps of the same weight.

sewing autumn colored patchwork fabric on a sewing machine

I am preparing the crumb pieces in sections to make sure that I have enough.

a pile of sections of autumn colored patchwork fabric

The supply of these autumn pieces is running low and I want the tunic to have the same shades of fabrics in it.

These pieces don’t have a batting or a backing. I want a light weight piece which drapes softly and not stiffly.

hand touching autumn colored patchwork fabric

This is going to be a piece of clothing and not a quilt.

I am sewing a large stitch grid on the crumb pieces with fuschia colored thread. Creating a machine stitched kantha cloth. 

machine sewn autumn colored patchwork fabric

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Jan 11

I see you do not finish the edges on the back at all. I guess the grid stitching will act as a way to stop the raveling of the threads?

Replying to

That is an addition reason why I am sewing the grid. 😊


Jan 10

Sharon! What a great way to use up scraps and create an eclectic piece of clothing! Love what you're doing so far with this creation ❤️ Linda

Replying to

Thank you 😊

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