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Its the #IGQuiltFest2023 day 10 #upcycling Recreate. reduce, reuse, recycle, rework, rewear. I do keep all the scraps and even the threads when creating projects and upcycle and reuse them to recreate even more projects.

I have a modus operandi when working in the studio and work according to size from large to small. Every different size has a specific technique for the pieces.

The pieces go into different "scrap" bowls as I work and at the end of the day they get sorted into the relevant containers. Nothing gets wasted.

This is really becoming quite addictive. I am not managing to throw anything away. Autumn remnants from other projects, too small for patchwork

Autumn fabric scraps
Autumn fabric scraps

so I added them to the autumn mix

Autumn colors of scrap fabric pieces
Autumn mix for ScrapFabric

and created this piece of ScrapFabric

It can be an art quilt piece as is, used as a foundation piece for more artwork or as quilted fabric to create a purse or a bag or even a fabric bracelet.

You know that pile of threads that gets entangled in your scraps? Well instead of throwing them away I collected them and this is only a small part of what I found.

Scrap threads
Scrap threads

Having all sorts of interesting thoughs of what to do with them.

My progression of neverending fabric

Progression of fabric scraps according to size
Progression of fabric scraps

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