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Wave Fragments

I did have fun today.

I am in the process, still, of unpacking my fabric boxes after our move. Each box shares some long forgotten treasures.

I found these pieces in the same packet yesterday. They are different. I normally group families of colors together and these are more rainbow shaded.


I don't remember what I had originally planned to do with them but a eureka came to me as I laid the pieces down on the table.

Rainbow fabric strips
Rainbow fabric strips

Some of you think I am quite daring in my design. That is not actually true. I am quite conservative. If I have developed a technique that works and that I am comfortable wtih, I find myself going back there automatically.

I do make a point of challenging myself to step out of that comfort zone and try new things. I know that when I do that I develop as an artist.

So this time I decided to create using a combination of the wave and fragment patchwork art quilt techniques that I have developed.

I chose a russet colored thread for the top stitching. Threaded my vintage Orion, ironed all the fabric strips and got to work.

Russet thread
Russet thread

I stitched longer pieces and left them raw edged as in the fragment technique but laid them down and danced with them as in the wave technique.

I really enjoyed the way it came together,

I had many remnant strips left over from shirts that I had received from Carol Kinney from after adjusting them to my size, and they provided that extra touch of magic to this flowing rainbow.

Top stitched waves
Top stitched waves

"Give freedom to colours and then you shall meet the rainbow everywhere!"

Mehmet Murat ildan

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