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Wedding Memento

I had a visitor last week. One of my students, who began studying sewing with me when she was 8 years old, she got married a month a go.

A few years ago I had photos of my wedding and never saw myself as a person who needed to take the dress out to relive the occassion. It was important for me to do something meaningful with the dress.

I kept it in a box for a while and when I began teaching children how to sew I realised that I could accomplish a twofold purpose, the first and more important one was to teach as many children as possible the long forgotten skills of handsewing and the second purpose was to give the wedding dress a new worthwhile life.

piece of lace and satin fabric

What better way than to let the children use pieces of it to learn how to sew by hand, and make themselves small flowers and yoyos which they would then use to decorate useful products.

girl hand sewing a yoyo fabric flower

I wrote a post about it in a post a few years ago

and my student reminded me of it when she came to visit. It wasn't a coffee and cake visit, she came over with remnants from her wedding dress that she had designed and sewn

fabric scraps of lace and netting and cotton

and asked to create some patchwork fabric with the pieces together with me. Of course I agreed.

She sewed some boho fabric

cream and white boho carnival fabric

and I sewed some pieces of ScrapFabric for her for some more pillows.

cream and white patchwork scrapfabric

Next week she will be coming back to sew some pillows and a bag from the fabrics..

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