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The first season in the slow stitching course is winter. All my seasons have all the colors of the rainbow in them. Different hues and different depths of color.

fabric flowers and yoyos on patchwork fabric in pinks and greys and pale turquoise

I also went to my stash of vintage threads and pulled out my winter shaded ones.

Spools of thread and bunches of sewing threads on a table

I created crumb patchwork background pieces in shades of greys, taupes, tans, purples, blues and greens.

Crumb patchwork quilted fabrics in grey winter colors

I am experimenting with a number of different floral fabric techniques. I have a floral embellishment tutorial for creating with machine sewing. This time the flowers will all be sewn by hand. I haven't done that for many years. Its a switch. I am so used to going to the sewing machine I had to stop and slow down :).

I haven't used a thimble for a while and one gets out of practice.

Thimble on finger

I also have difficulty threading my needle. As one gets older and wiser other things slow down even more, eyesight is one of them. I need to invest in one of those magnifying lenses, in the meantime I am using my office lamp at my work station.

Work table in a sewing studio with a lamp and fabrics and spools of threads on the table

I am sewing 2 pieces in winter shades. The first is a rustic rugged primitive piece

Rustic primitive fabric roses on a patchwork background in winter colors

and the second is a more abstract floral collage using a number of different techniques which I will show in the second tutorial.

winter colors, purple, lilac, fuschia and grey fabric flowers

I am out of practice but as I tell my students, practice makes perfect and as I work more ideas come to me.

Each seasonal piece will use different techniques in the creation. Follow to see.

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