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A Quiet Safe Place

I am working on another bag tutorial. The floral appliqued bag. I have one example in combat colors and wanted to create another with different straps.

I wanted to work in soft tranquil colors

Soft pastel colored fabric scraps

I found some sewn crumb pieces that I had created in the past for the base of the bag

A quilted patchwork fabric in pastel colors with fabric strips lying on it

I also have a huge collection of sewn yoyos in almost all the colors of the rainbow and I found this selection in the pastel box.

Pastel quilted fabric piece with yoys floral flowrs on top of it

I Added colors to create roses and leaves for a floral applique

pastel quilted fabric pieece with yoyos and fabric strips on it

My birthday is in January and a little girl, the daughter of the neighbours has a birthday 2 days before me and she invited me to celebrate with her. I decided to create a floral patchwork bag for her. Something tranquil for these times.

Quilted pastel fabric pieces

A soft, quiet floral patchwork piece

Quilted pastel patchwork fabric with a floral embellishment sewn on it

Which I use as one of the panels for the bag. I created 2 shoulder straps and now it can be used as a tote bag.

Pathcwork quilted tote bag with tassles at the bottom and fabric flowers sewn on one of the bag panels

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