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A study in colors

In our zoom meetup this week students worked on zippered pouches.

olive green zippered pouches

I showed them different zipper techniques and we worked together on embellishing the pouches with embroidery, boro and yoyos.

This is my color choice for 2 boro rectangles for my zippered pouch.

fabric patchwork layout on a table in olive greens and browns

The selection of the threads that I found.

olive green spools of thread

They all have a selection of yoyos at home. Each one over the years was gifted a number of them by me and also learnt to make their own.

girl cutting fabrics

girl sewing fabric flowers

I sorted zippers as well, and will be taking some fabrics and zippers to some of my students so that they have with what to create.

This is our color study for now.

zippers on a wooden table

yoyos fabric flowers in beige and olive green colors

Next week we will see what they have created.

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