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Any size waves - large or small

Updated: Jan 12

I wrote the first wave landscape patchwork tutorial, the introduction to my technique more than 5 years ago. And that was after sewing wave landscapes for almost 15 years before that. The first wave landscape patchwork technique teaches how to create an abstract piece of textile art.

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I am continuously experimenting with my textile art techniques and after listening to feed back from students I realised a number of things.

First I needed to work on the technique and create a version where it was easy to sew a very large art quilt or even a bed quilt with the technique. I chose colors for that, laid them out in the order I wanted to sew them

fabric strips laid out on a table in a design

I am happy to say that I have done it and the tutorial is in the works and should be out this week.

A patchwork quilt

I will be showing how to use this technique to create 3 different items. Follow to see.

person holding a patchwork quilt

I am auditiong threads for the quilting. I wont buy new threads and the possibilities that I have are these

Turqouise or green

green and turquoise threads on a quilt

Or gray

grey threads on a quilt

Second, to create a wave technique that teaches how to create a landscape picture, something that is less abstract than the original technique. That is also in the works.

Third, to go in the opposite direction and create something even MORE arty and abstract and that is also in the works.

I spent today choosing fabrics and colors for the tutorials. I choose fabrics for all the techniques at the same time. It is a major production to take out my fabrics and choose the colors and size them. My fabrics are sorted according to season and some of the boxes are still packed away.

Fabrics from a box in ocean colors

I first envision my color scheme and then go searching for the fabrics. I don't always find what I "see" in the boxes so I have to be flexible.

Today I chose ocean colors and a selection of jewel colors.

Ocean colored fabric strips

Jewel colors to me are all the colors of rainbow with a sheen and a depth which makes me think of glass beads.

Jewel colored fabric strips

And of course I ended up having a large selection of threads and strips which are being kept for future proejcts.

thread remnants in a number of colors in a box

scrap fabric strips

Follow my facebook page as well to see when the tutorials will be online

You can find the tutorials here on Etsy

or here on the site

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Jan 17

that is just amazing .! you need time, patience and imagination. congratulations on the wonderful creations !😍


Have you ever used printed fabric (non-solid) for the wave technique?

Sharon Prigan
Sharon Prigan
Mar 25, 2023
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